Duc-Phong Le

Email: tslld (at) nus.edu.sg

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Research Scientist

Information Security Group
Temasek Laboratories
National University of Singapore

Office : Level 6, 06-21
Phone : +65 6516 4268
Fax : +65 6872 6840
Location : 5A Engineering Drive 1, #09-02, Singapore 117411.

I am a research scientist in the Information Security Group at Temasek Laboratories of National University of Singapre from October 2010. I received my PhD at University of Pau, France. Before joining the Temasek Laboratories, I spent one year for my post-doc in Information Protection, Cryptography, Code Group at University of Caen, France.

Research Interests

  • Algorithms

  • Cryptography

  • Information Security

I am now focusing my research on efficient algorithms for elliptic curve cryptography and pairing-based cryptography. You can see below some helpful links on this domain :

Recent works

  • Efficient Implementation of Cryptographic Pairings, with Chik How Tan. Research Report, June 2011.
  • tlpairing, a library for computing pairings based on NTL.
  • ECM, implementation of the ECM method for integers factorization using MAGMA (download).



  1. Refinements of Miller's Algorithm over Weierstrass Curves Revisited, (pdf) with Chao-Liang Liu. Accepted to The Computer Journal.


  1. Improved Precomputation Schemes for Scalar Multiplication on Elliptic Curves, with Chik How Tan. In Thirteenth IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding 12-15 December 2011. Oxford, UK.

  2. A Variant of Miller's Formula and Algorithm, (pdf) with John Boxall, Nadia El Mrabet and Fabien Laguillaumie. In The Fourth International Conference on Pairing-based Cryptography (Pairing 2010), Volume 6487/2010 of LNCS, pages 417-434. 13 – 15 December 2010. Japan.

  3. Multisignatures as secure as the Diffie-Hellman problems, with Alexis Bonnecaze and Alban Gabillon. In The third International Conference on Pairing-based Cryptography (Pairing 2009), Volume Volume 5671/2009 of LNCS, pages 35-51. August 12-14, 2009. USA.

  4. Signtiming Scheme based on Aggregate Signatures, with Alexis Bonnecaze and Alban Gabillon. In Proceedings of the IEEE international conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI 2008). June 17-20, 2008. Taiwan.

  5. A Secure Round-based Timestamping Scheme with Absolute Timestamps, with Alexis Bonnecaze and Alban Gabillon. In Fourth International Conference on Information Systems Security (ICISS 2008), Volume 5332 of LNCS, pages 116–123, Hyderabad, India, 2008.

  6. Multisignature Schemes with tight reduction in the plain public key model (pdf), with Alexis Bonnecaze and Alban Gabillon. In Proc of the conference on security in network architecture and information systems (SARSSI 2008). October 2008, Loctudy, France.

  7. A New Multisignature Scheme based on Strong Diffie-Hellman Assumption, with Alban Gabillon. In Proc of the conference on security in network architecture and information systems (SARSSI 2007). June 2007, Annecy, France.

  8. TCP congestion control for bursty data flow (in Vietnamese), with Vu Duy Loi. In Fundamental and Applied Information-Technology Research (FAIR’03), 2003, Hanoi, Vietnam.


  1. Fast Quadrupling of a Point in Elliptic Curves Cryptography, (pdf). Submitted to Cryptology ePrint Archive.

  2. A variant of Miller Algorithm for pairing computation on Edwards curves, with Chik How Tan. Submitted

  3. Signtiming : New authentication service, with Alexandre Venelli, Alexis Bonnecaze, Alban Gabillon.


  1. Cryptographic Protocols : multisignatures and timestamping, (pdf) PhD Thesis. University of Pau, July 2009. In French.

  2. Approximation Algorithms for Fractional Packing and Covering Problems, (pdf) Master’s thesis. In French.


Libraries for Number Theory and Cryptography


Cryptology Pointers

Books and Lecture Notes


I spend my spare time:

  • playing sports (my favorite sports are : badminton, tennis, ping-pong, ...)
  • playing with my kids
  • reading books

Some photos

Here are some my photos.


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